Google my business listing can provide greater assistance than anything else. It takes your digital marketing campaign to the next level. Many business people would prefer to start their Search engine optimization strategy by creating a Google my business account. One should understand the concepts of Google my business listing clearly so that they can make use of it simply and easily. By using it properly you will be able to get maximum results for a long period. You can reach your potential customers using Google my business listing.

Google My Business Listing a Glimpse

It is a free tool that is provided by Google for business people to show their online presence and provide assistance for them by showing their business online. You can ensure the visibility of your business in a series of search engines. Features that are available in Google, like local search engines are powered by GBM. Due to this the overall visibility of your business increases and hence it is said to be a positive impact.

Finding difficulties to verify Google my business listing..???

Here are the few tips and tricks that should be followed while verifying your Google my business listing

Google my business listing is like a tool which helps the customers to identify your business name, address, phone number, etc., After creating your listings in Google my business verification is mandatory, to show your business in maps and for unlocking all the other features that are provided by Google and Google products.

Why Google my business listing…???

Persons who are in business can attract new customers by creating a new Google my business listing. Google my business listing helps us to increase our business local markets by giving us new leads for our business. Now you can get Google map instant without any verification process it does not need postcard, phone call verification, etc., We can use the Google map to set a virtual office in any location. People who are interested in starting a business can create a Google my business listing before they open. This helps the business people to build their online presence before opening their store. The opening date of those particular shops can also be announced by this method and hence at the time of start people may come and purchase whatever they want. Registered business with the future opening will appear on Google before 90 days of opening. This facility will help new business people to advertise their brand before opening.

Why is it necessary to verify?

We as a customer should imagine that when we search for a product or a business place, we expect things to be in the correct way. For instance, if we are looking for a coffee shop and we have searched for it in Google, what happens if you are not getting any information regarding what you searched, we will blame only the search engine which did not provide us proper information. For avoiding this kind of misunderstandings Google has implemented this verification process. Google always wants to provide proper and quality information’s to its users. The usage of smartphones, laptops, etc., is increasing day by day. Customers get all the information’s on their fingertips. Customers always expect quick and quality service. Only, for this reason, Google is following this verification process strictly.

Verifying Google my business listing

We can easily verify our Google my business listing. It does not take much time it will be available on our Smartphone. These methods are simple and can be verified easily if done correctly. We have listed some of the tips and tricks to verify your Google my business listing.

Verifying through email

If you can see the verification through email option in your Google my listing then you can use email to verify. You must be very clear and should know whether you have access to the Email-id that is shown in the listing. You have to first log onto Google my business account.

There will be a listing in that we have to select the business which needs to be verified. If you run only one business then the name of your business will appear and we have to select that business. We have to click the verify button to proceed to the next process. There will be a list of options in the email. We have to select the correct email which is provided to you.

After clicking proceed, Google will send you an email. You have to open that particular email, there will be a button named verify, you should click that button so that the verification process will automatically start after clicking verify. This method is called Google my business instant verification.

If this method fails for you we have another one method to verify, to verify Google my business account you must have received a code, by using this code you can verify yourself by entering this code in Google my business dashboard.

Verifying your email through Mobile App

Many people find it difficult to switch-on their laptop or personal computer every time. Google has made it simple by providing a separate app for Google my business. Anyone willing to use Google services can download this app. This mobile application is available for both Android and ios. After logging into the app with personal credentials, you will be able to see the verify button. You should click verify and after that, you can select email. You will be receiving an email. In this email they will be sending you a short code, you have to copy that code and enter it in Google my business listing account. After submitting your verification process gets over. This mobile application is very simple to use. By using this app we can control our Google my business listing account through mobile. This is a Google my business instant verification method.


Verification by post

This type of verification process can be done to all the type businesses. Google will assign a pin for you separately and send that pin in the postcard. But before requesting a pin through postcard it is necessary to check your address, location details.

If you receive a postcard with the entry of the wrong information you can change the details in Google my business listing address option. In the postcard, there is an option space for entering your name. You can use this option for getting the postcard directly to you.

After completing this process you should click on the send postcard button. Editing your information after requesting for the pin will lead to a delay in the verification process, so avoid editing your information after requesting for the pin.

Steps to be followed after receiving the pin-code

  • Sign up to Google My business listing
  • Choose your correct location
  • Click verify
  • A code will be sent you should enter that code
  • Click submit

After doing all these steps your list will be eligible for live in Google

Verifying your Goggle business listing through phone

Google provides this kind of verification option only for few business people. If your location and business are prompt for the phone verification then you can use this kind of verification. You should sign in to Google my business listing using your credentials. Now you should follow the usual steps. After doing all this you will be receiving an automated call from Google; make sure that you answer directly from the business phone number.

The phone number should not be connected to IVR, if connected you will not receive the code. After answering the call you will be provided with an automatically generated code. In this method Google will send a verification code or one-time password to your registered Google my business account listing mobile number.

If you are not eligible for this process then the option will not be visible for you, so you can request for postcard verifications. You can enter the code and goggle my business listing. You will be verified automatically after entering this code.

There is a button named call now button which you can see in Google my business listing. You can click that call now option and an automated call will be generated immediately. By tapping the arrow you can enter the code which is sent to you.

Google my business Instant verification

This method is one of the greatest methods that everyone fails to use while verifying Google my business listing account. Google console is also a division in Google verification; if your site is already verified by them then you do not need to wait, you can be verified instantly. This option is available only for certain businesses. This is a trust issue that Google has on that business. If you own a new business or one that has barely had an online presence you can be verified instantly. Sending the postcard will be the best way for verifying your business.

To use instant verification, you should sign in into Google my business listing account you use for in Google search console.

Verification for 10 or more bulk locations

This option is can be used by the persons who have a bulk business, the business that needs verification for more than 10 locations can use this verification method. For eg., if you own a coffee shop of a chain with 20 locations, you will be eligible for this.

After signing in you should click “Get verified” to the next available location. And we should click the chain. After doing that we can fill the information which is asked by Google. The form which is submitted may take up to a week to get verified.

Verification through video chat

This method is started in the year of 2018. Most of the people do not have any idea about this method of verification and most of the business will not qualify for this method of verification, if your business qualifies you can use it without any problem.

If your business is related to manufacturing, a representative who works in Google will be checking your workplace, types of machinery, equipment, public space, and even more. They may also check your employee or clients who are doing business with you.

If you own a service-oriented business you will be asked to provide Serviced vehicles, Tools that you use, and also the license plate.

Trusted Verifiers

He is a certified partner of Google my business listing. He is the only person who is eligible to verify all the application forms. Google will be sending a personal invitation to some people those who received this invitation are eligible to do this work. From the start of 2020, it is replaced by my business provider that allows companies to verify other businesses. They will generate verification code and distribute them among their supported business for future verification. Trusted verifiers will automatically become my business providers. New candidates should approach the Google account manager to get authorization. Local businesses can use this program.

Product expert program

Google introduced this program in 2019. Most passionate webmasters may become official Google product experts with different levels like silver, gold, platinum, etc., Gold level experts can act as a trusted verifier and have some special discounts they can skip all the traditional methods of verification when adding new business to goggle. This is a free service that is offered by goggle for limited business it cannot be used for all the business.

The Bottom Line

Verifying your business in Google my business listing may feel tough to you at the beginning, but by following the proper procedure you can do it easily without any trouble. At first, you may not feel the benefits of Google my business listing but soon after some days, you will feel the difference. After verifying in GMB, you can easily optimize your website for local search.

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