Advantages of Google my business listing

Google my business listing lets our users connect with customers directly without any commission agents. It can take your business to the next level. SEO professionals prefer to have a Google business listing because of this reason. Now day’s customers are looking for a solution instantly and without any delay. Everyone has a Smartphone in their hands today, so everyone expects instant replies. It is a free tool which is provided by Google to help business people to connect directly with customers and to manage an online presence. People use to search for shops or any things which require them at this time Google acts as an information provider to the people and an advertiser to business people, this is how Google my business listing works. According to people’s reviews and quality of that particular shop, Google my business listing differs if they have a good name and positive reviews their shops appear first. For example, if we search for hotels in Google it shows a list of hotels that are available in that particular area. This list of hotels may differ by ratings.

Bored of waiting too long for getting verified in Google my business listing..??

Here you can learn some effective methods of verifying Google my business listing instantly without taking much time.

If you’re looking to expand your client’s service area or expand your business without depending on others, we provide services for verifying one map or bulk amount of maps our GMB verify team is ready to help. We approve most of the categories, but for goodness, we have spammed some of the categories kindly check your category before applying in Google my business listing.

Currently, business persons who live in all the countries can apply for Google my business listing directly. People who wish to apply for Google my business listing, who are not able to create a GMB account need to contact our approval team for getting approved and start your journey in Google my business listing.

With all these packages they are offering aged Gmail accounts for all the listings you create, full ownership can be provided, all category approvals, and 30 days replacement warranty if your listing is down.

After submitting the details it takes around 10 to 15 business days to verify and contact you and merge with you in Google my business listing. If you have an address for applying you can apply it using that address and we will verify you at the address you have mentioned. The only thing you have to do is wait till our verification agent comes to your location

We do not offer our service for the following categories.

Locksmith, Rehab, Garage Doors, Towing, Personal injury lawyer, Water restoration, Moving companies, Home security


Basic information’s to be submitted while applying for Google My Business Listing Verification

  • Company name, Website URL (optional), City, State, Zip\postal code, Phone number, Primary category, Address public/hidden, served area, hours of operation. You will pay the amount while applying for GMB listing and if you cannot verify your profile we will refund the money. After submitting your profile you cannot change company name, primary category, and address.

List of instant methods to verify Google My Business Listing

Getting an approval letter from Google for Google my business listing is the only thing that makes business people happy. When you wait for a verification code inside of the envelope cover it makes everyone more exiting. Google will guide you for verifying my business account. You have to follow the steps to get a Google my business account easily. In these writings, we have clearly explained how to get verified your Google my business listing account and how to get an Instant verification without waiting. Verified business is considered as reputed business as per Google so if you are a verified business you will be considered as a reputed business among many.

Checking whether the list is Verified or Not

You can use the special tool from Google to check the business that is associated with your Google account. You have to choose the business which you want to check and you will see the status of your verification process. We can also verify it using our search results. The method will be useful when the listing is created by someone else and you just want to check it. We should Google the name of the business and take a look at it. If the option “owns this business is not found then the verification process is over.

If the business listing is not verified, then it is the right time to do it manually. You have to claim for it.

We have mentioned how to claim a Google my business listing

Claiming an existing List

We should first click on own this business button. After that, a new page will be displayed in that we have to click Manage now button. After that, you have to choose a suitable method for verifying. In that list, there will be 9 options and one can choose a suitable method as per their wish.

Who can claim it…???

People who own a business can verify GMB listing. If a person without a business wants to verify he should first ask the businessman to complete the signup process only after that you can verify in Google my business listing. One can request ownership after completing the verification process.

We have nearly 9 verification methods in this process but to verify it instantly we have some special verification methods.

How to instantly verify a Google My Business Listing

If you’re verifying a page in Google my business listing you can be verified instantly if you are already verified with Google business website webmaster tool. The verification process will automatically happen when you attempt to verify your page if you have this webmaster tool. All businesses are not valid to verify using this webmaster page, you can check in the below-mentioned link to know whether your business is eligible for verifying using the webmaster page.

Most of the local searches are powered up with google my business listing. It is a tool which helps you to enhance your business conveniently. Basic tricks to instantly verify the GMB account are listed below.

How can I verify my business page using the webmaster Tool…???

Account email which is used for webmaster tool and Google my business account should be the same. Some business categories are not eligible for instant verification. After verification, a pop-up banner will appear in which it will ask you to make final changes if any exist so you can change the data if needed and then you can click done. You can update your business name only after the verification process is completed.

Google My Business Instant Verification through Email

You have to log in to Google my business account, and then you have to choose the business which you have to verify. If you have only one business then you have to click the name of that particular business and then click the Verify Now button.

You have to pick the email option in the list that is provided to you and then you have to click the email option. You will receive an email in which you can see and verify now button, clicking that button will allow you to move to the next process.

If this method fails you can find a verification code that is in that same email you can enter that verification code in the Google my business listing dashboard and verify your process instantly without any delay in it. This instant verification allows you to complete your process instantly without any time delay.

Google My Business Instant verification of GMB email ID using a Mobile Application

You don’t need to sit in front of the computer to take instant verification. You can use our mobile application to get verified instantly. The only thing is you should have a Smartphone. You can download Google my business application on your mobile phone and start using it. It supports both android and ios devices. This application will help you to access Google my business account easily.

You have to enter your email id and password to login to the application. After this process, you can see a verify button. After this process, you will receive a mail with a verification code in it. You should enter the code in your Google my business listing account. You have to click the submit button and after that, you can get an opportunity to verify your Google my business account easily.

Google My Business Instant verification of GMB account using a Mobile Phone

You can verify your Google my business listing account by attending a phone call. You can enter the GMB website and enter your credentials. You can then follow the steps which are given and then you can click on the verify button. You should use your mobile phone in which you have the registered mobile number because by answering directly you can verify easily. The code will not be generated if your number is activated with IVR services.

You can click proceed with phone verification, an automated call will be generated and landed to your registered mobile number. If you answer the call, you can get a verification code. This verification code should be entered in Google my business account and your verification process will be over after doing this.

This call can also be generated by clicking call now an option in Google my business listing official page, by simply clicking on call now key the call can be generated automatically. An arrow will be visible to you by clicking that arrow you can enter the code which you have received.


Verifying your Google My Business account if you are a New Owner

Any changes in your business ownership?

If yes then the only way is to send a request to your past owner, by asking them to transfer their listing to new management.

You are required to go to the Add page and you are required to enter your name and address details, you have to check on request button if the list is already verified by someone else, Owner of the old list will be contacted and they will contact you. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email id after informing to the old owner. If it a service area establishment you should use the mail method to verify. A code will appear but there is a possibility for having an owner conflict, so you have click “Request access” button and wait for the current listing owner to contact you.

Frequently asked questions about the verification process in Google My Business Listing

How Google penalized my site…..?????

Google has released a tool to check your site is active or penalized. Before inventing this tool it a difficult task for Google to inform their customers about this penalization. Many reasons are there to penalizing your site. Getting links in a hidden text may be a reason. This may happen due to CSS positioning or JavaScript, keyword stuffing.

How can I verify Google My Business listing without a postcard…???

You can log in to Google my business account, you can find a toggle button named verify the location. By clicking that key it takes you to different types of processes, you should follow all the steps by following the verification process that will be completed.

Final Thoughts

Google is the most prominent, powerful, trustable, intelligent tool to take your business to the next level. You can give all your details in Google My Business listing to get verified and take your business online. It is simple to use and it gives a greater user experience. Make sure that you verify your Google my business listing account by following all the steps mentioned in the above article.

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